Hello everyone. We’ve had a relatively quiet week. Harper has seemed hungrier than usual. She’s so hungry in fact, we’ve taken to calling her Baby Galactus. As you comic nerds know, Galactus is the “eater of worlds,” so we thought it an appropriate name for a baby who wants to chug a bottle every two hours. All kidding aside, she seems to have hit a growth spurt. She’s certainly hit some significant baby milestone the past week. She’s getting really good at holding her head up for longer than just a couple of seconds and she’s started smiling at us, which we love.

Some news on the healthcare front. Following our visit with Dr. Sago last week, we thought we were headed to Duke for consults with a pediatric dermatologist, plastic surgeon and opthamologist. However, thanks to insurance requirments, we’re going to Vanderbilt for these consults instead. That’s OK – Vandy has a great reputation, and we’re certain to get good care for Harper. Those appointments are in October so we’ll be sure to update.

Please remember the folks down in Louisiana. Nick’s family reports that the Feliciana parishes got hit really hard, as did some other areas around Baton Rouge. The national media isn’t reporting this, as the Republican National Convention is in the spotlight. Nick’s parents don’t expect to have electricity for several weeks, so his dad went to Arkansas to buy a generator. However, gas is in short supply so it may not do much good. We’ll be thinking of you guys and hoping you can find some air conditioning!

Til next time, here are some pics.

Harper kind of looks like her mom, at least sometimes.

Harper kind of looks like her mom, at least sometimes.

Harper was visited by great grandma Nana Gaye last week.