Harper had another big week full of firsts! She went to JC Penny for a photo session, and was patient with mom and the photographer for about 10 minutes before deciding she’d had enough. We got one really cute picture which we’ll post when it’s emailed to us. She also got to join us for lunch in a restaurant on Saturday. We went to Banner Elk to visit Shelia (Chelsea’s good friend from college) and her husband Trent. Harper did great on the ride to North Carolina and during the meal. We feel like we won the baby lottery – she’s just so willing to adapt to whatever situation we throw at her! 

We got the results from Harper’s developmental assessment back on Thursday. She did great – she’s actually ahead of the game in several areas, but slightly delayed in fine and gross motor skills. Since she spent two months entirely on her stomach, that’s to be expected and we think she’ll catch up quickly.

Along those lines, Harper is headed to Knoxville on Monday (Oct. 13) for her first visit with a physiatrist – a rehabilitation doctor who will work with her to develop gross motor skills over the next few months. She’ll probably need braces on her feet and ankles, and this doctor will be guide that portion of Harper’s development.

We’ll post an update after the visit. Here are some new pictures to enjoy.