Harper’s surgery this morning went well. She did great, and Dr. Harris was able to internalize her shunt with no complications. We were able to be with her in the pre-surgery holding area, and Chelsea was able to sit with her in recovery and be with her on the trip back upstairs. She is now in a regular pediatric room, not the pediatric intensive care unit.

 She wasn’t able to eat anything after midnight, so she was a hungry and cranky monkey this morning. She took her first bottle of the day around 2 p.m. and has been resting comfortably since then. (Incidently, everyone here has commented on Harper’s love of food and are amazed by how much she eats. We found out this morning the nurses have had an exceedingly difficult time placing IVs because her arms and legs are so chunky. We have assured them we do not force feed the child.)

Dr. Harris has ordered a couple of radiology tests for the morning to make sure the shunt is working properly along with cultures of her spinal fluid. If all goes well, we’re headed home tomorrow!  She still has a ways to go to heal though – she’s got three incisions and will need her sutures removed next week.

Thanks for everyone’s continued prayers for our little girl. We’re extremely grateful for Harper’s network of loyal fans!